There are 10 key functions that a professional publisher handles during the publication process.  A managing editor monitors the entire process for all in-process publications.

These functions can be broken out and worked into individual contracts for project-specific work.


Editorial staff will search out, read and evaluate many manuscripts to identify strong content and potential successes. An acquisition editor will manage the selection process and confirm publication options, dates and contracts.


An assigned editor will identify necessary changes, potential issues and manage the scheduling to ensure a publication is released in the best possible format in a timely manner. This process will usually occur while the contract and schedule are being finalized.


An assigned editor will personally work with the author to correct any issues and assist the author to create content that is the best possible work. Some necessary adjustments may be identified in previous or future functions.


An assigned editor will work with a designer and the author to ensure the work is prepared in the optimal format (font, chapter breaks, style, etc.). The designer will also prepare the work for publication (ebook, print, audio, etc.).


An illustrator and/or graphic designer will work to complete any necessary images while an assigned editor works on synopsis information. Creating cover art and sales information will offer more creative and marketing options.


An assigned editor will do a final edit process specifically looking at spelling, diction, syntax and formatting. The editor will do final confirmations including fact-checking, titles, headers and punctuation.


A production manager will confirm the formatting and release date. This is the final step in confirming printing, ebook formats, audio recordings and images. The assigned editor will also manage all legal registrations (ISBN, copyrights, etc.) prior to distribution.


A production manager and sales manager will select distribution points for the work and contact related parties. This sets the work up in bookstores, libraries, online retailers and other sources with appropriate pricing.


A sales manager or assigned editor will monitor all sales of the work and ensure the original contract terms for payment are honoured. Sales analytics will be used to assess any necessary marketing adjustments.


A sales manager or assigned editor will work to make the publication known and easily accessible. Reviews, social media management, general promotions and advertising will be used to highlight the work and increase exposure and sales.