Door - GraceLillian

Cleaning out a deceased relative's home, you find a small hidden door.

Write 2,000 words on finding, opening and entering a secret room.

Add a nosy neighbour spying on you.

Heart - WellsConnor

Write a 1,500-word third-person omniscient story about a Las Vegas wedding chapel on Valentine's Day.

Include at least three wedding ceremonies.

Add a wedding guest's attempt to object.

Date - HaungMatthieu

Write a first-person narrative of any length about attending a singles mixer event in a major city.

Unfortunately, the narrator has already dated everyone in attendance but agrees to stay to support a friend.

Add an uncomfortable emotional attachment or unresolved anger between participants.

Donkey - MossholderTim

Your dream job!  You've been hired as a copywriter for a petting zoo.

Write 4 sentences from the perspective of each animal introducing them and explaining why people should come meet them.

Add a few animals normally viewed as predatory and fearsome.

Motel - SmithMatthew

Write a 1,000-word first-person short story from the perspective of motel employee on a long weekend.

Describe the facility, tasks and guests.

Add another 1,000 words documenting a police response at the motel.

PlaceSetting - Nero,Pepe

Write a 500-word first-person anecdote of a restaurant experience.

Describe the location, service, and meal as accurately as possible.

Try not to use the words "very", "like" or "fine".

TextMeaage - DuPreezPriscilla

Create a text message conversation between two people documenting the end of a long-term relationship.

Use approximately 50 text messages to discuss the situation.

Try to include the words "sacrifice", "compromise", and "child".

Origin - RakozyGreg

Write a 1,000-word short story of the origin of a superpower.

Give a normal person the power of your choice.

Focus on the origin, not on hero vs. villain.

Interlap - KovacovskyMatus

Write a 1,500-word third-person short story about a stranger on public transportation.

Describe the character's day, journey and goals.

Add another 1,500-word short story overlapping with someone the character meets during the day. 

Add a third character and third story tied to the second.

Scarf - SikkemaKelly

Write a 750-word story from the perspective of an old scarf.

The scarf has been donated to a charity and waiting to be selected by a new owner.

Focus on a narrative juxtaposing accomplishment and anxiety.

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