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Our Approach

We believe that reading a good book is an important personal experience.  While our product is a publication, what we want to provide is the experience of enjoying an excellent story.  That experience is no longer limited to print.  With so any publishing formats available, the opportunities have expanded greatly.

Our goal is the release of quality publications for a fantastic reading experience.  To facilitate that goal, we approach every work as a personal project; we match every author to the editor best suited to their needs and focus on development.  We want every contributor to grow in their creativity and skill, to create the strongest possible content, to provide a memorable experience.

We believe that quality work grows from passion, focus, dedication, and continuous improvement.  We embrace these points as an organization, we encourage them in our staff and we effect them in our authors.


Our Story

Smudge Marks Press is rooted in a love of reading.  Everyone at Smudge Marks is a reader - some are life-long readers and some grew into readers, but we all enjoy the experience a good book provides.

We come from different backgrounds and different industries, but are united in our love of books.  We regularly have heated debates on the what constitutes a good book since the reading experience is so subjective.  Check our Suggested Readings and Book Blog to see the discussions.

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