We publish digital, audio and limited print content for full-length books, collections and graphic novels.  Each publication is afforded the attention of an assigned editor from start to finish.

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Special Projects

We take contract work for special projects such as manuals, forms, templates, letters and mailings.  We can help streamline your processes and procedures to provide consistency and efficiency.

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We can break the publishing process into functions to support self-publishing.  We also offer assistance and solutions for aspiring, struggling, and developing authors and creative contributors.

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In any format, books are amazing.


At Smudge Marks Press, we love reading.

We believe in producing publications that spark and spread a passion for reading.

Our mission is to discover, prepare, polish, and distribute high quality, professional content.

We're here to help bring your words to life.

From small projects to full-length books, we can help realize your publishing goals.



Smudge Marks Press is proudly Canadian.


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